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Welcome to Made In Japan

We specialise in supplying ceramics and tableware from small family-run businesses in Japan.
We deal directly with these businesses. No middlemen. No excessive packaging. Just high quality Japanese ceramics at the best possible price.
Functional, well designed, durable and unique.

All of our items are dishwasher and microwave safe making them perfect for restaurant, cafe or home use.

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The ever popular Biscuit Crazed Tapas Plate. New to MIJ. #madeinjapantableware
Striking black to bright blue drip glaze on this brand new sake cup. #madeinjapantableware
@wynyardcafe’s absolutely delicious poké bowl in our Recycled White high rim plate. Thanks neighbour 😉 #madeinjapantableware
Some stills from our Calligraphy workshop a few weeks ago. Thanks again to @ebisudesign for hosting the two classes, looking forward to next time! #madeinjapantableware
The all new Toffee high rim plate. Speckled earthy tones with a smooth matte finish. New arrivals available online now. #madeinjapantableware
Earth & Sky side plate joins the ranks of one of our most popular collections. #madeinjapantableware
Share style steamed mussels with Shaoxing wine and XO sauce in our perfectly suited Shell White canoe bowl. Shot by @alisonhoelzerphoto styled by @chrisyuillefood & @lachy_richards #madeinjapantableware
Schezuan fried snapper in our Shell White onigiri serving bowl, made for sharing. Shot by @alisonhoelzerphoto styled by @chrisyuillefood & @lachy_richards #madeinjapantableware
Stir fried greens with fermented bean curd on our beautifully textured Shell White rectangle platter. Shot by @alisonhoelzerphoto styled by @chrisyuillefood & @lachy_richards #madeinjapantableware
Crushed radishes in chilli oil the perfect accompaniment to our Shell White side plate. Shot by @alisonhoelzerphoto styled by @chrisyuillefood & @lachy_richards #madeinjapantableware
Shell White available in store and online now.
Sweet & sour chicken wings on our Shell White square plate. Available in store and online now.